Public Information

The Public Information Committee is a vehicle for informing the general public about what Alcoholics Anonymous is, and is not.

So You’ve Been Sent To Alcoholics Anonymous Brochure

Public Service Announcement AA Videos

The Public Information Committee Welcomes Your Participation

Upon request, the committee provides speakers to schools, service clubs, union meetings, senior citizen centers, driving schools, etc.  We are available to speak at events where the public gathers and where there is concern about alcohol abuse.
Public Information Speaker Request Form

We also can provide a booth at public events such as Health Fairs or Street Fairs.
Public Information Booth Request Form

We have small 4-tier pamphlet racks of Alcoholics Anonymous literature available, at no cost, for placement in libraries, schools, medical offices, union halls, etc…

For Further information, please contact the Public Information Committee @ 619-265-8762 or